Thursday, 6 March 2014

friday 26th feb

 Firstly i have an apology to make, had a few pictures missing this week as they are stuck on a camera card, which is broken.! Luckily I had a spare one on me.It was a lovely session this week, people were beavering away and ideas were being kicked around for future projects that we could do as a group. Will inform you of them if they come off of course.
 Alison was showing off her first attempt at knitting in the round....they were amazing for a first attempt as I am sure you all agree x
 Rebecca  was showing us her adorable baby girls tunic top....made a few of us go all gooey.
 She also showed us her newest project a"fake" cable stitch.
 Another shot of the group in action......
 Claire started work on an up coming group project...keep tuned!
 We have a table where we share needles and all the odds and ends of wool that tend to collect in your work baskets....they are put on the table and any member can take what inspires them x
 Our youngest member continue to make friends.....
 Jan had a ball of wool that was as big as her basket!
 Margaret was industriously knitting away to provide hats for the forces overseas.......she does a tremendous amount of knitting for charity causes and we are very proud of her x
 This weeks cakes were cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon icing.....
and squidgy chocolate brownies....a rich gooey favorite. There was more to show you Yvonne's tie, Hesta 's knitted fisherman and Carla's blanket amongst them, but I cannot get them off the card!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
See you with next weeks installment and a shout out to our missing members, Fliss and Trish and Kristina, we miss you x

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