Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday 17th January

Lovely to have our ladies back again
We had a basket of flowers and bunting.....
We love bunting , cheers everything up!
Had a great big pear and rosemary cake x
Viv is knitting this lovely jumper with a cable pouch/pocket on the front...what a lovely blend of colours.

Beth has completed this beautiful baby girls jumper
Viv completed this beautiful jumper with a lovely wool that reminds me of strawberries and cream, although I donot know why the picture insists on uploading upside!

Rebecca finished her alpaca blend hand warmers.......
I waited and waited for her to take them off and put them down so I could point at something and grab them away but she kept them on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ingrid was being very clever and making socks...she is very modest but they were incredibly neat!
Margaret was knitting clothes for the prem babies at the Exeter neo-natal unit x x x x x
Carla showed us her beautiful set of crochrt needles....
can you spot the owls..........
tooo wit tooo wooooo...............
Carlas lovely wavy blanket, I think Carla is the fastest knitter and crocheter in the West!
Marian was laying cables...and they were very beautiful!
Jan won the prize for the biggest ball of wall.......
Carla was being a star and teaching us all to crochet, she makes lovely glittery shawls
Everyone was concentrating very hard, The New Year seems to have invigorated everyone and needles were clacking away very industriously ........
Although there is always time for a natter amongst friends x
We had lots of magazines on the public table for everyone to peruse and borrow x
Hope you have enjoyed sharing our knitting session and we must say a fond farewell to two of our lovely members Fliss and Chris who have left for the sunny shores of deepest darkest Cornwall, we will miss you and we hope you find a lovely knitting club near your new home .. x x x 

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